Hiya, I'm Kay, creator of FreePrintableBusinessCards.net, one of the first handy-dandy websites I created under the FreePrintable.net "umbrella."

I launched the site with a small collection of business cards way back in 2005, and the site has grown to include 1,806 cards — all unique to this site. There are cards for all kinds of business and personal needs, with lots of themes, topics and full-color designs.

All of the cards at FreePrintableBusinessCards.net are available for free, and there are paid versions available as well, for just $3 per design (which is pretty cheap, I think.)

As I mentioned earlier, you won't find these business cards anywhere else on the web. If you do, someone's "borrowed" them without asking, which is stealing, and as you know, that's not cool. Everything at FreePrintableBusinessCards.net was created by me and my team. 100% made by humans, not AI. If you see these designs elsewhere, please drop me a line and let me know. I'd really appreciate it.

(This is me and Louie. Isn't he a great dog?)

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